1. Many thanks Frank for the great postcard! Hopefully I’ll return the favour to you one day with one of my own.

    I also wrote a small blog post which you can read here.

    For all of those interested, I highly recommend you follow Frank and his Tumblr account here.


  2. "Vidal Sassoon"


  3. "Journey home"


  4. Waiting for a train


  5. RPS Exhibition

    I’ve been a member of the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) for some time and currently hold a Licentiateship Distinction and plan to achieve more when I get time.

    This month a photo of mine is hung at the RPS HQ in Bath, England as part of the Overseas Chapter Exhibition. It was nice to have one of my photos selected, especially as both images that make up the diptych were taken on a 5 megapixel mobile phone. The same photo is also shown in the May issue of the members monthly magazine (the B&W photo at the top) 


  6. Into the light

  7. Place to rest
  8. Sunrise


  10. Sunset seagull

    #canon 350D